– 11 –


The bass, the relentless bass, had everyone’s nerves on edge that evening. All the newsroom women seemed snappier than usual. All the newsroom white guys seemed more skittish and, for some reason, they were coughing a lot. Mackenzie found it harder than ever to cope as one crisis popped up after another. The latest was an emergency call from the daycare centre.

Marley and Mandela were biting each other again. Mackenzie had to drop everything and place a couple of emergency calls, one to have her Filipina pick them up and another to have the vet sedate them. Mackenzie wanted those dogs calm by the time she got home, which this evening would be earlier than usual. She just had to get out of the newsroom and she could watch the president’s talk in her living room.

Something big, very big, was about to happen. On very short notice the president announced that he would address the public on TV tonight.

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