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Could we call this the Second Coming, Mackenzie wondered. Reclining in one of the spa’s whirlpools, she pulled over the swivel stand holding her laptop and looked again at her latest editorial. It was about the Syrians and how ineffably wonderful they were. But, having written hundreds of similar pieces, her words seemed to be getting a bit stale. So wonderful were the Syrian Airlifts that maybe she should refer to them as the Second Coming, after Canada’s wonderfully wonderful experience with Jamaicans.

Except of course for middle class white women, Jamaicans had always been Canada’s most wonderful people. Then came the Syrians, and any Canadian who knew anything knew their arrival marked a momentously wonderful event. So were Syrians now more wonderful than Jamaicans and equal to middle class white women? Or were Jamaicans still more wonderful than Syrians and equal to middle class white women? Or was everyone more wonderful, except for white guys?

Vexing issues, and the kind of thing that the CJC could normally advise on. But the misters didn’t seem so outspoken lately. Mackenzie thought she noticed something at Mr. Roth’s last press conference. He was his usual self at first, as he angrily denounced Canada for not meeting its annual quota of Holocaust memorials fast enough. Unexpectedly a foreign reporter cut in, asking him about the Caliphate of Flin Flon.

Of course everyone knew that the caliph had ordered the destruction of all the Holocaust memorials in his domain. The bulldozings and bombings were all over YouTube. But Mackenzie didn’t understand why anyone would say anything about it, especially here.

She didn’t think it was such a big deal anyway, only about 56 or so memorials out of a nation-wide quota in the thousands. But Mr. Roth slumped his head and fell silent for several seconds. Then he seemed to mumble something before regaining his composure. Even so, his shouting about Canadians and the Holocaust lacked its usual intensity. Mackenzie was starting to wonder about the rest of the CJC too, especially after some people started saying bad things about that Zionism stuff. Pretty well unthinkable in the past, the misters seemed uncharacteristically subdued.

It must be fatigue, Mackenzie thought. It must be such hard work supervising Toronto.

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