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Now Smith’s trial was the lead story throughout the Toronto news media.

Day after day, TV broadcasts related expert testimony from witnesses who detailed the immanent danger of racism, the twisted life story of Smith, his inherent evil and the vast, oppressive power structure he represented.

Like everyone else, Mackenzie watched with what she, a veteran journalist, could only describe as shock and disbelief. As a middle class Canadian white woman and victim of oppression herself, she understood exactly what happened to His Magnificence.

But traumatized as she was, she knew she had to do more. She had to do more to fight this growing scourge of hate, especially now of all times, while Canada’s Airlifts carried out the greatest humanitarian mission the planet has ever experienced. She had to do more to make this world a better place. She had to be on TV.

She should be the one telling people first-hand about the crucial issues of our time. That should be her standing outside the court, summing up the day’s proceedings with just the right look of moral certainty as she signed off: “Meanwhile, the lives of women and immigrants fall by the wayside. For CTV News, this is Mackenzie Taylor Mitchell.”

Or better yet, she should be in the studio every night, with someone introducing her as the star anchorperson: “And now, with the news that matters, here’s Mackenzie Taylor Mitchell.”

“Thank you, Mae-Ling. Today’s top story: Disturbing revelations that Smith resented being sent to a camp.”

For Mackenzie was one of those people with a mission. She was a born maverick, a non-conformist and free-thinker who was destined to challenge received opinions and confront established authority. She was a Canadian journalist.

But her crusade called for greater prominence than a newspaper editor and columnist. She deserved better and so did the public for whom she struggled. She needed greater exposure, the exposure that only TV could give her, to fully demonstrate her courage and insight, to speak truth to power. Then the world would see her, Mackenzie Taylor Mitchell, single-handedly stand up to the vast, oppressive power structure of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia and anti-Semitism. Just thinking about it made Mackenzie steel her resolve once more: Mackenzie Taylor Mitchell, champion of the oppressed, scourge of the oppressor.

A white guy interrupted: “Mackenzie, your limo’s here.”

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