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But even though Jamaicans would be at the top of Canada’s ethnic hierarchy (if Canada had an ethnic hierarchy, which of course it didn’t) there just weren’t enough Jamaicans, or even other Caribbeans, to fill this country. Meanwhile the boats, the freighters full of anonymous Asians, arrived with agonizingly slow frequency. Then began the greatest migration of all, as Religion of Peace adherents desperate to escape Religion of Peace countries brought their Western welcomers the Religion of Peace.

This, Mackenzie understood, constituted a social movement even more momentous than the Caribbean migration bestowed on Toronto. It made Smith’s crime all the more heinous for in any way implying that unlimited black immigration was anything but the undeniable blessing it so undeniably was. Crush any opposing argument, Mackenzie thought. Ban it, banish it, tear it out and destroy it root and branch. That had always been her conviction and if anything it held even stronger now, lest such notions be applied to Canada’s Religion of Peace newcomers.

And all the others brought in by the Airlifts. No longer did Canada have to rely on smallish crowds arriving on commercial flights each day, or by taxi at the southern border, let alone on the occasional rusting freighter to deliver our much-needed refugees. Now, planeload after planeload brought the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Africa to Canada. Entire villages, towns, communities — tribes, clans, sects, factions and cartels — were being transplanted to the hinterlands of northern and western Ontario, the Prairie provinces and the northern territories, where they re-populated the little towns and cities while creating jobs and enriching our culture. Just today the Prime Minister’s Wife visited an Ik pre-school, one of several in Red Deer, Alberta, where the Ugandan tribe introduced diversity by displacing the whites.

In a lot of cases, the whites had already left. It was yet another case of racism rearing its ugly head, this time resulting in stories — racist myths, again — that heavily armed First Nations across Canada were attacking farms, ranches and other isolated white homes. Then the towns were “disrupted,” the racist myths maintained, as heavily armed First Nations occupied them for months on end while heavily armed police stood in bold defiance of any white who would object. More and more whites left for the bigger cities.

But the racist white flight of racist whites just made it that much easier to implement an especially courageous decision from Trish at the Forest Hill Human Rights Commission. All the white men in Canada, she decreed, were to be rounded up and sent to internment camps.

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