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With more shocking revelations. It transpired that when Smith committed his outrage he was on leave from a camp. Apparently there had been some sort of loophole which sometimes allowed white guys to get a one-day absence. That’s since been eliminated, thank goodness. But even more shocking was the next revelation. Smith’s wife — yes, some of those lower-class whites were still married even though they lived apart from their spouses — had given him permission to be with his daughter.

The fact that some white women were still married and had children somehow bothered Mackenzie on a really deep level. It was all lower-class women, of course. All white women above the socio-economic line just knew that marriage was so outmoded. It was fine for non-whites, of course, and for lower-class white women who married non-whites. But the fact that some lower-class women remained married to the guys in the camps and that the women had had children — white children — showed they were oblivious to all the progressive ideas of recent history.

What did they think they got out of it, anyway? Early in her career, Mackenzie interviewed a white woman who had once been married. It was the story of one woman’s descent into sheer, unmitigated hell.

That was so long ago that some white guys still had jobs. But it was recent enough that when a white guy lost his job he couldn’t get another. So what was a wife supposed to do with an unemployed husband?

There were no camps at the time but wives could always report their husbands for abusing their children. That was kind of unfair for this woman, who had no children. But then Tiffany at the Rockliffe Park Human Rights Commission decided that childless men could be guilty of abusing their children too.

Of course only a sexist would deny a woman’s right to change her mind, so sometimes the complaint was withdrawn after a few days or so, although not necessarily soon enough to forestall a prison beating. The husband might return with a few injuries, like broken legs in this guy’s case. Then who wants a cripple cluttering up the house so naturally the woman picks up the phone, re-activates the charge and back the husband goes.

So finally she was rid of the guy but how was she to make ends meet? Now she had to make do with a smallish condo, drive a car that was nearly four years old and work at a job that was tiring. “It’s like he’s constantly getting his revenge on me,” she said.

Of course non-whites married all the time, but that was different. So was the fact that they had children, even though they went about it through an archaic ritual that pre-dated the sexual counter-revolution. But, as with so much else, such restrictions didn’t apply to non-whites.

As a proper Toronto girl, Mackenzie did have sexual counter-revolution-compliant sex with other women at J-school. She found the experience kind of icky. But the idea of actually having sex with men, like the multicultural baby factories did, normally made her incredulous. She did listen with fascination, though, when some of her friends said male blacks have bigger penises than other species. She could also remember, back before all the white guys became skinny, noticing the muscles on some car wash employees. At times like that she felt a sense of horror, something she could scarcely admit even to herself, that she might, she just might — shudder to think of it — have an atavistic tendency towards heterosexuality.

Best put such thoughts out of mind and leave that stuff to non-whites, Mackenzie knew. Plus non-white men weren’t sexist. And non-white children were the hope for Canada’s future.

Some of those kids were really cute too, especially the black ones. Every time an earthquake or something hit Africa, more and more of Mackenzie’s friends had the Special Forces go over and scoop up some kids.

At one time Mackenzie considered adopting too. She thought long and hard about the responsibilities of motherhood, the paperwork involved in getting government grants to hire a staff of round-the-clock Filipina caregivers and the prestige of owning black children. But in the end she settled for puppies — Jack Russells, very well bred with excellent genetics.

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